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🌟 Corrugated cup sleeves are a kind of “insulation” and “anti-ironing sleeves” used on paper cups.
✨ It is usually made of corrugated paper by rolling it into a 📐 cylinder, and then fitting it over the outside of a paper cup. 🥰 Corrugated paper cup covers are generally suitable for hot drinks 🥤, such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. 🌟 This is a must in every restaurant and drink shop!

🌟 The features of corrugated paper cup sleeve include:
🌟 Insulation effect: the corrugated structure of corrugated paper can provide a certain insulation effect, which can prevent the heat of hot drinks from radiating outward and “maintain the temperature of drinks” for a long time.

🌟 anti-hot protection: Corrugated paper cup sleeve can effectively prevent users from directly touching the surface of the paper cup, “avoid burns”.
🌟 Comfortable grip: Corrugated cup covers are usually designed to fit in the hand, providing a “comfortable feel and stable grip” that makes it easier for users to pick up the paper cup.
🌟 Environmentally recyclable ♻ : Corrugated cup covers are usually made of corrugated paper, a “renewable material” that is more environmentally friendly and recyclable than plastic.
🌟 Multi-style design: Corrugated paper cup sets can be “designed in different styles, patterns and printing” according to needs, which can be used for personalized coffee shops or brand marketing.

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