4oz capacity 🥡|⭐ compact and delicate | lightweight and convenient 🌿

⭐4 Oz tasting glasses are usually “small” and “delicate”, suitable for tasting “small portions” of wine or other beverages, suitable for many different occasions.

⭐ They are commonly found in bars, restaurants, cafes and wineries to serve “small portions” of alcohol or other beverages for customers to taste. ⭐ “small paper” tasting cups are also used at festivals and events where drinks such as alcohol, coffee or tea are enjoyed. ⭐ They are usually designed to be “relatively lightweight” and easy to lift to taste the “aroma and taste” of the drink. The shape and material of the test glass can have an impact on the taste and texture of the drink, so their design may be optimized for different types of drinks. ⭐ The “lightweight” design of the small tasting glass makes it ideal for tasting many different drinks, so you may also see them in some “food shows” or beverage displays.

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