MA-JONG ,it is a restaurant that combines Chinese and Western food located in Lausanne, Switzerland,we have did all customized products for food package for this restaurant to go.

We have did below products for MA-JONG

1.Customized paper bag

  • Customized size

You can do any sizes that you need

  • Customized printing

Printing MA-JONG logo to expand restaurant’s Brand awareness

  • Customized material

110gsm white kraft paper,just right to meet client’s expected budget cost

2.Customized salad bowl

1)Different capacity for different food package

A:400ml   B:500ml   C:750ml

D:1000ml  E:1100ml  F:1300ml   G:1500ml


2)Customized printing

If you need do printing,just send us your logo and we will do artworks for you

3)Bowl material

300gsm thick paper with inside coating——Anti-grease &Anti-water

Suitable for liquid like soup packaging,also the solid grease food like the fried chicken or fired noodles,also fruit and salad are suitable


3.Customized tableware pack

  • Pack bag printing acceptable
  • Different tableware for choose

A:Western tableware pack:fork,knife and napkin in one pack

B:Chinese tableware pack: chopsticks,China spoon and napkin in one pack

4.Customized napkin

  • Customized napkin size

If you need do customized sizes,just send us the length and width of the napkin you need

  • Customized printing

5.Takeway accessory——Sauce cups:

  • Different types:

A:Single cell &Double cell

B:Conjoined cover & separate cover

  • Diifferent sizes for different flavour


  • Different material:PP & PET & Bagasse