♻ Eco-friendly yet chic |📐 triangular kraft paper 🍕 pizza box

🔥 A triangular 🍕 cowhide pizza box has recently gone viral on social media 🌟🌟 🍕 pizza box also has a new twist, 📐 you will be amazed! The paper box is made of ♻ “eco-friendly” material. 💕 is simple and fashionable in appearance. The triangular design 👀 makes people shine. 🌟 Triangle pizza box Advantages:

📐 Structural stability: The structure of the triangular pizza box can provide relatively good “support” when “folded”, helping to maintain the shape and integrity of the pizza.
🌿 Easy to carry: The triangular pizza box is easy to “carry” and tuck into a bag or compartment, and its “shape” is relatively easy to “store and carry”. 🌟 in keeping with tradition: For some consumers, the triangular pizza box shape fits what they’d expect from a traditional pizza or Italian dish. 💕 attract the eye: beautiful packaging can leave a good impression on consumers.
🌟 If you want to know more about this carton, talk to me privately!