🌟 Original design 🌞 winter warm sun series one-stop packaging 🎉
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✅ The same PET cup 1000 can be customized
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🌟PET cup/paper cup size
10oz 16oz 22oz 24oz
🌟10 ounces: Usually used for small drinks or beverages, such as small cups of coffee or juice
🌟16 ounces: Usually used for medium volume drinks, such as a regular cup of coffee or soda
🌟22 ounces: Usually used for larger drinks, such as a large coffee or iced tea.
🌟24 ounces: This size is usually used for oversized drinks, such as large sodas or smoothies
🌟 tip bottom oil-proof paper bag size: height 23cm width 15cm, side 5cm
🌟 napkin: 12cmx12cm

🌟 Portable cup holder: Length 16.5cmx16.5cm, total height 20cm
# Sippy cup

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