Warm congratulations to our new factory 
Wuhan Xinhonghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for obtaining BRC certification, Xinhonghai is specialized in new material technology research and development; sales of packaging materials and products; paper product manufacturing; sales of paper products; Plastic products manufacturing; sales of plastic products; daily necessities sales; Companies that import and export goods. Our paper food packaging products are made from BRC certified materials for direct food contact.

What is BRC?

BRC stands for British Retail Consortium. In 1998, the British Retail Consortium developed the BRC Food Technical Standard in response to industry needs to assess the safety of retailers' private label foods. It has become an internationally recognized food norm that can be used not only to evaluate retailers' suppliers, but also for many companies to establish their own supplier evaluation systems and brand product production standards based on it.
The BRC Global Standard has become a widely accepted supplier best standard across multiple industries (food, non-food consumer goods and packaging materials), not only for the evaluation of manufacturers of retailers' branded products, but also for the evaluation of branded products.

What are the requirements of BRC for raw material and packaging supplier management?
The factory must conduct BRC risk assessment and record each raw material and packaging material to eliminate potential risks to product safety and quality, mainly as follows:
microbial contamination;allergen contamination;foreign body contamination;Chemical contamination.
The above BRC risk assessment must be carried out at least once a year, while also paying attention to the importance of raw materials to product quality.

What are eco-friendly packaging materials?
Eco-friendly packaging materials are packaging items that are designed, produced, transported or disposed of with sustainability in mind. Roughly including reusable and renewable packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and natural paper materials.

What are the main environmentally friendly food packaging materials of my company?
  1. Degradable plastics:
    Degradable plastic refers to a plastic whose chemical structure changes in a specific environment that causes performance loss within a specific time.
  1. Paper products:
    Paper product packaging can be recycled again after use, a small amount of waste can be naturally decomposed in the natural environment, there is no adverse
    effect on the natural environment, the world recognizes paper, cardboard and paper products are green products.

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