😋 food grade biodegradable |🍱 divider Netto |🌿 Green living

🌍 In pursuit of green life, disposable food grade environmental protection “divider Netto” has become a new favorite on our table.
🌟 It is made of environmentally friendly ♻ material, which is not only safe and non-toxic, but also can completely “degrade”, avoiding the pollution problem of traditional plastic trays. 🍽 The eco-friendly divider Netto’s design is also very user-friendly, can perfectly separate the food, so that our plates are more clean and orderly. At the same time, its lightweight and portable also makes us more “convenient” to carry in outdoor activities. 🍲

💯 Choose disposable food grade environmental divider to make dining more environmentally friendly, healthy and convenient! Contribute to the cause of the earth’s environmental protection! 🌱 🌟 if you have a need to talk to me privately!