🌟 portable | oil resistant 💦 durable | food grade material 😋

🥪 sandwich Internet celebrity toast packaging box ~
🌟 high quality “harder” cardstock, can be paired with 💦 oiled paper ~

🌟 This “good to pack, durable and beautiful” “double coated” white card packing box is made of “recyclable” cardboard, so it is friendly to the environment! Cardboard material has a certain “thickness” and robustness!
🌟 Carry “light” stack up doesn’t take up space! Its “low cost”, compared to other materials, cardstock is often a more economical choice! The assembly method will “buckle the box” to facilitate the “packaging and carrying” of food! Printing information such as brand logos, product descriptions or patterns is conducive to brand promotion and product promotion!
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