Packaging’s value in protecting our planet is far greater than we think…
Everyone wants to protect our planet future. Many think that we should stop flying, or stop using packaging. Does this really play such a big role?
Flying accounts for 2% of GHGs. Packaging 1%. It’s vital for the airline industry to develop greener planes. Likewise, it is our duty as packaging manufacturers to develop better, more sustainable packaging.
This being said, we should be concerned about categories with much larger impact. Food systems represent 25% of GHGs, and we’ll need more food as the population grows. The real problem is that today 1/3 of food gets wasted, representing 8-10% of GHGs. In western countries, 70% of food waste is in households. Logically, consumers should be concerned about how to cut this rather than only focusing on reducing air travel or avoiding packaging. In fact, products packed in the right sized sustainable packaging, is the best protection a consumer can give to the planet as packaging helps prevent food waste.
It is time we start to make decisions based on demonstrated facts, to play a greater role in protecting the planet. Simply relying on our beliefs or assumptions could have negative effects.
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