🌟 corrugated series |🔥 heat-proof and anti-ironing |🥡 paper cup soup bowl

🔥 Corrugated series “new favorite”, make the table more interesting! 🎉 kraft paper “double layer” thickening, “heat insulation” anti-hot soup bowl paper cup ~ 🍃 when we mention “environmental tableware”, what comes to your mind first? Plastic? Ceramics? Or stainless steel?

Today, I want to introduce to you is a both ♻ environmental protection and “practical” corrugated series 🐮 kraft paper soup bowl and paper cup! 🌱 Corrugated paper cup using “high quality” kraft paper material, after special process treatment, not only has super “durability”, but also can maintain the natural texture and beautiful appearance. 💡 What’s more, corrugated cups are also very easy to “clean” and maintain. Simply rinse with clean water to “remove” stains easily, no need to worry about oil stains 💦 or food residue residue.