Net “red” Christmas theme |🆓 free design
Christmas is made of red “as the theme!

This special holiday represents a time full of “warmth and joy”. People usually give each other gifts, decorate the Christmas tree 🌲, enjoy good food with their families 🍗 and take part in various celebrations.

As for the design, there are all kinds of styles 💫, but we will only make the one that satisfies you 💯, and make a special style that only belongs to your 💌! Style Logo can have different design and printing! Our 🤵🏻 designers can design your pictures for free! ⭐️ Ten years of experience in foreign trade about “quality” we only do the best!! Double-layer paper cups usually have a better anti-scalding effect because their structural design can “effectively reduce heat conduction”. Our double paper cups are made from two layers of cardboard inside and outside, creating an air layer between the two layers that acts as insulation and slows the transfer of heat to your hands!

⭐️ napkin material is pulp paper, it is made of pulp. The material is soft and “absorbs water well,” making it ideal for wiping residue off mouth and hands. In addition to pulp paper, there are napkins made from more “♻️” materials, such as recycled paper or bamboo pulp paper, which can reduce the environmental burden and provide a similar experience.
⭐️🥤 paper straws have become increasingly popular in recent years because they are the ♻️ “biodegradable” and environmentally friendly option. When choosing a straw material, you can base your choice on factors including personal preference and ♻️ awareness.
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