🌟 American | locks 😋 delicious | cardboard noodle box 🥡

🔥 explosive recommended! American “cardboard” noodle box, let your table instant upgrade 🍜 American cardboard noodle box, simple and generous appearance design, can be customized according to the needs of this exquisite 🥳 hand-painted pattern, looks full of texture. 🌟 connected through the design of “slot”, “lock” the delicious noodles! Noodle box can not only put noodles, but also “store cookies” 🍪 and other snacks, it can meet your needs!

🎈 Imagine gently opening the “American” cardboard noodle box on a weekend afternoon with the sun streaming through the window onto your dining table and a breath of fresh air filling your face.
🌟 The exquisite cardstock design not only shows your taste, but also adds a unique 💕 style to the table. 🌟 If you have a need to talk to me privately!