🍱 Lunch box new options! Degradable | let you eat at ease! 🍽
💪🏻 Healthy and ♻ green!

🌟 Disposable corn starch “biodegradable” lunch box, you deserve it!
🌱 Corn starch degradable lunch box “round” (set with lid)!

🌟 A new type of environmentally friendly lunch box, made of 🌽 corn starch material. This kind of lunch box is not only biodegradable, but also harmless to the human body. It is the choice of healthy and environmentally friendly 💪🏻 lunch box.

🌟 Disposable corn starch biodegradable lunch boxes have many advantages.
First, it is made of “natural” 🌿 corn starch, biodegradable and 🌎 friendly to the environment. Secondly, it is “light” and easy to carry, which is very suitable for takeout, packaging and other occasions. In addition, this 🍱 lunch box also has good thermal insulation 🔥, so that 🍱 food keep temperature, taste better, can also be microwave oven 🔥 heating! The most important thing is that it is harmless to human body and avoids the harm of ☠ of plastic lunch boxes.

🌟 its appearance will change people’s understanding of the lunch box, so that we can enjoy food at the same time, but also protect 🌿 environment, care for health.
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