creative Kawaii | laminated 💯 | paper bag 🛍️ gift bag
⭐️ Minini ➕pink. Pink
⭐️ The kitten ➕pink
⭐️ dinosaurs 🦕➕green forests
⭐️ ➕red for 4WD
⭐️ mermaid 🧜‍♀️➕ Magic purple

Follow me ❗ more patterns 🉑 free 🆓 customization oh! The dimensions of this cartoon paper bag are: height 18CM, width 13CM, thickness 5.5cm❗

🌝 This carry-on paper gift bag is commonly used in places such as “shops, supermarkets and shopping centers” to “wrap and carry” all kinds of goods!

Coated gift paper bag 🛍️ good quality advantages:
Durability: The laminating treatment makes the paper bag have higher durability, able to “withstand heavier items” and longer use.
💧 impermeability: The film layer has a certain impermeability to prevent water from penetrating into the inside of the bag and protect the items in the bag from moisture. 🫧 smoothness: The coating treatment makes the surface of the paper bag smoother and sometimes glossy, increasing the “texture” of the bag.

Printing performance: The coating layer can provide a better “printing surface”, making the pattern and text on the paper bag “more vivid and clear”.
🔎 Optional: Coated paper bags can be “selected from different materials and specifications” according to needs, suitable for various occasions and uses.
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