🍓Fruit| nutrition 🍊juice| Covered cold drink cup 🧊
⭐8 oz “🍊 cold juice glass”, 👌 portion is just right! With fresh 🍓 nutrition “rich in vitamins” as the creative inspiration 🍊 fruit pattern “single layer” paper cup, it is the “double film” material!

⭐ single layer double coated film 🧊 cold drink cup what advantages 👍? 💦 Leak-proof: the “double coating and coating” design can effectively prevent cold drinks from “leaking” in the cup.
❄ Cold protection: The double-layer coating design helps to maintain the “temperature” of the cold drink and avoid excessive heat dissipation. ♻ Environmental protection: The use of paper material, help to reduce the impact on the environment, is a sustainable development of the “green” material.

⭐ Easy to carry: suitable for cold drinks, easy to go out “carry”. ⭐ “Print brand logos and slogans” on paper cups to increase product appeal. These cups are widely used in the takeaway food industry, fast food restaurants and coffee shops.
💯 will definitely make your juice shop stand out among the other juice shops!

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