If you own a bar or restaurant that regularly serves cocktails, you may find yourself in need of mixed drink stirrers so customers can stir drinks and keep them from settling and separating.

Mixed Drink Stirrers

Also known as sip straws

Must-have for any bar; Ideal for stirring hot or cold beverages, cocktails, or mixed drinks

Thinner diameters than school milk straws

Sold in lengths varying from 5” to 7 3/4”

Available in black, clear, and bold colors for a practical and fun drink addition

Often used by bartenders to test a drink for strength and flavor before serving

Eco-friendly stirrers are available to help reduce waste

Collins Straws

Wider in diameter than stirrers

Small diameter similar to school milk straws

Long to accommodate drinks in taller glasses, like the Collins glass

Popular for stirring tall mixed drinks and cocktails

Available in black, green, and red

Great addition to restaurants, bars, or outdoor patios

Common Straw Sizes

In addition to looking into straw styles, it is important to choose the correct straw size to perfectly complement your drink menu options.

  1. School Milk Straws: 0.13″ Diameter
  2. Jumbo Straws: 0.219″ Diameter
  3. Super Jumbo Straws: 0.25″ Diameter
  4. Giant Straws: 0.296″ Diameter
  5. Colossal Straws: 0.47″ Diameter

School Milk Straws

Perfect for milk or juice cartons for kids or popular fruit juices or cocktails in rocks glasses

Shorter in length and thinner in diameter than regular-sized straws (approximately 0.13” in diameter)

Offered in unwrapped and individually-wrapped styles

Jumbo Straws

Also known as a standard straw or regular-sized straw

One of the most common drinking straw sizes

Perfect for pure liquid beverages such as fountain sodas and fruit juices

0.219” in diameter

Available in varying lengths and materials

Super Jumbo Spoon Straws

Adds a multi-use element by functioning as both a spoon and straw

Perfect for large dessert drinks such as milkshakes, slushies, or blended coffee drinks

0.25” in diameter

Features a sturdy construction, and usually a vibrant color

Giant Straws

Perfect for drinks packed with fresh fruit, chocolate, and other sweet flavors

Offer a wider opening to allow for thick beverages to flow through

0.296” in diameter

Colossal Straws

Also known as boba straws

Perfect for certain gourmet drinks and desserts where giant straws are simply not wide enough

0.47” in diameter

Drinking Straw Styles


Whether you own a restaurant, bar, smoothie shop, or cafe, straws are an essential part of your drink service. There are various features and styles to look for when choosing the right straws for your establishment.

Colored Straws

Adds a pop of color to your tabletop or your to-go cups

Available in individual colors as well as assorted packs

Various styles and sizes, including krazy straws, colossal straws, and paper straws

Fun and Flexible Straws

Offer a twistable and bendable design to provide convenient handling

Keeps the kids entertained with a straw they can bend as they please

Can be used to assist customers with limited dexterity

Come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, including popular crazy straws and straws with ornamental paper decorations

Spoon Straws

Great for slushies, snow cones, smoothies, milkshakes, and other ice cream treats that you could eat with either a spoon or a straw

Open-ended feature doubles as a small spoon, which is both convenient for thick drinks and fun to use

Offered in a variety of sizes and colors

Individually-Wrapped Milk Straws

Great solution for busy cafeterias and fast food restaurants

Straws stay clean and untouched until ready for use

Provide better protection against the spread of bacteria than unwrapped straws

Available in a wide selection of sizes and a variety of colors