Adding a drinking straw can be a fun and functional way of enhancing your customers’ experience with a beverage or cocktail. With all the different types of straws available on the market, from stainless steel and paper, to pasta and plastic straws, it can get confusing choosing the right ones for your establishment. By reviewing each option, you can be sure that your straws are the perfect choice for your needs.

Metal Straws and Stainless Steel Straws

Save money while standing up to the wear and tear of everyday use

Can be washed and used again

Reusable design saves money which would have been spent on restocking disposable straws

Metallic tones on many metal straws provide a stylish, modern look to help make beverages shine

May be okay for use with warm beverages, but should be done with caution, as some metal straws become hot and hold the heat

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, providing your establishment with an environmentally-friendly and long-lasting straw.

Paper Straws

Biodegradable and decompose at a much faster rate than plastic, providing guests with a guilt-free way to sip

Often colorful and feature fun designs to brighten up any drink

Withstand hot or cold use

Styles come wrapped or unwrapped

Various sizes available

PLA Plastic Straws

Constructed from renewable resources including starch, sugarcane, or cassava roots

Durable and conveniently disposable, making them a perfect solution for any business looking for simple environmentally-friendly solutions

Looks and feels just like traditional plastic straws, making it ideal for establishments looking to continue to use plastic without guilt

When properly composted, these straws decompose much faster than traditional plastic; they have no environmentally-friendly benefit if disposed of without composting

Pasta Straws

Provide a sustainable solution while maintaining their strength and remaining tasteless

Made with wheat and water, making them suitable for vegans

Can be cut to any length for your drinks, and are even safe for consumption

Biodegradable and take very little time to decompose

Stay in tact without softening for over an hour

Only meant for use with cold beverages

Wheat Straws

100% biodegradable and compostable

Can be used in hot beverages, and never become soggy in drinks

Each straw is different from the last, providing an eye-catching, appealing straw for guests

Available in multiple sizes

Strawless Lids

Great for use with cold drinks

Available in many sizes to fit different cups

Eliminate the need for a straw, providing both an eco-friendly and cost-savings benefit

Often features a compostable design