At present, disposable paper cups can be divided into three kinds according to their uses: cold drink cups, hot drink cups, and ice cream cups. And according to the paper cup used coating can also be divided into three kinds, wax-coated cup, polyethylene-coated cup, and straight wall double cup. The inner surface of a waxed cup is coated with a layer of wax used to insulate water; The polyethylene coated cup is covered with a thin layer of polyethylene in the cup wall; Straight – walled double-layer cups have two layers of paper, between the paper is the air insulation performance.

Wax cups use edible paraffin wax, which does melt when heated, so wax cups should only be used as cold drinking cups. To make a hot drink cup, you need to add another layer of emulsion. This is a straight-walled double cup. Polyethylene coated cup is a new process, can make cold and hot drinking cups.
Polyethylene-coated cups now occupy the majority of the market, but paraffin and straight-walled double cups are still available.

The paraffin will melt when the paraffin cup is filled with hot water over 40℃. This data is not accurate. According to the requirements of paper cup performance in the industry standard “QB 2294-2006 paper cup”, qualified wax-coated cup * low melting point should be 52℃. A qualified paraffin cup is the use of edible paraffin wax, the consumption of paraffin itself is not harmful to human health, but the process of making paper cups will be mixed with other harmful substances, so it is best not to use a cold drink cup to fill hot water.

Disposable paper cups also have a shelf life. At present, disposable paper cups are disinfected by ultraviolet light irradiation in production. Generally, the effect will disappear after two years of disinfection. Using out-of-date paper cups is harmful to human health.
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