In our daily life, we see a variety of food packaging forms. The reason is that the requirements of food packaging technology will vary with the types and characteristics of food. So how are food packaging bags produced?

1. Packaging design: This is to design the layout of the food vacuum bag according to the requirements of the food company. A good design layout of food packaging bag basic knowledge plays a very good role in improving the sales volume of products.
2. Plate making: it is to make the copperplate needed on the food packaging printing press according to the confirmation draft of the basic knowledge of food packaging bag design. The version into a cylinder, and is a whole set, not a single one, the specific size is very small, the number of versions to be determined according to the previous packaging design.
3. Layout printing: the specific work content on the food packaging printing machine is printed according to the first layer of materials confirmed by the food company (the confirmation of materials can refer to the basis of the vacuum bag), and the printed effect drawing is not much different from the design draft.
4. Composite: the so-called composite is to glue the two total materials together, and stick the ink surface between the two layers of materials, such as PA (nylon) / PE (reinforced), in which nylon is the first layer of materials, that is, printing materials, PE (reinforced) is the second layer of materials, that is, composite materials, and in some cases there will be the third and fourth layers of materials. For example, the third layer is needed for ordinary aluminum 5 and foil bag (OPP light film / Al foil / PE reinforcement). Note: it is usually necessary to check the previously printed materials before compounding, and eliminate the materials with poor printing effect.

5. The food packaging bag is solidified.
6. Food packaging bags for cutting or bag making: cutting is for automatic packaging film (pillow type packaging film), bag making is to use bag making machine to make a small bag.

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