If so, then paper dinnerware is a great choice for you! With its thinner and more flexible construction in comparison to other disposable dinnerware options, paper dinnerware stacks extremely well and can fit in cabinets, on shelves, and in other tight areas. Another great feature of our paper selection, is that most items are biodegradable and compostable!

Most important to note with paper disposable options is that you can purchase a variety of paper materials. Each type has its own set of benefits that you’ll want to consider to find the best fit to match your application needs. Consider the following materials below:




Higher resistance to liquids and grease

Great for heavier, saucy foods like tender meat or pasta

Corrugated Paperboard

Cut- and leak-resistant surface great for saucy food product

3-ply, multi-layer construction is sturdy and works well for events

Sugarcane / Bagasse

Biodegradable design can break down without causing environmental harm

Premium and sturdy, natural feel

Wheat Fiber

Compostable design can naturally degrade into rich organic material in a compost facility

Attractive, natural-looking presentation adds an elegant touch


More eco-friendly than plastic

Cost effective, economical option for your business

Perfect for events, these plates are handy for side salads, appetizers, or entrees. Some styles even provide compartments, which is helpful with portion control and keeping product separate. Light and easy for guests to carry, paper dinnerware can also match your decor with ease. Coming in color options ranging from basic shades to bright and vibrant colors, paper disposables are a timeless solution!