💕 creative window | thickened 🐮 cowhide carton |🌟 practical and beautiful

🔥 exploding “Window opening” kraft paper square box, instantly enhance the style 📦
🎁 disposable window kraft paper square box, is not only a simple packaging box, is your “gift” 🎁 excellent choice!

✨ This box is made of high quality 🐮 kraft paper, which is strong and durable to ensure the safety and texture of the package. At the same time, its “opening window” design is unique and practical, allowing you to easily display the gift inside the box, increasing the sense of mystery and anticipation.
🎈 Not only that, the appearance of this kraft paper square box with Windows is “simple” and generous, which can adapt to various occasions and types of gifts, whether it is for relatives and friends or business 🎁, it can show your taste and intentions.

💝 This throw-away box is convenient and ♻ environmentally friendly, adding a green touch to your gift-giving trip 🌿
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