♻ Eco-friendly ‖💯 biodegradable LIDS ✨
🌟 Disposable pulp LIDS are available in “arch” and “flat” ✌ two designs.

💫 arched LIDS are commonly used for “paper bowls or cups” and can provide extra “space” to fit the “shape and volume” of food or 🧋 drinks. The flat lid, on the other hand, is suitable for “cartons or pulp containers”, with a flat shape 🌟 that completely “covers the container” to keep the pulp “fresh and hygienic”.
🌟 This disposable pulp arch-top flat lid can be used in restaurants, takeaways, fast food and other places, convenient for users to “take away or store food and drinks”, while saving the trouble of cleaning and maintenance.

💫 disposable pulp cover advantages: ♻ Environmental protection: Pulp cover is made of “recycled pulp material”, compared with traditional plastic covers, more environmentally sustainable.
☘ degradable: Pulp caps are “naturally degradable” in a relatively short period of time without long-term pollution to the environment.
💯 Health and safety: Pulp cover meets food hygiene and safety standards, will not release harmful substances, and will not affect the taste and quality of drinks. 🌿 Light and easy to use: the pulp lid is “light” and easy to carry and use. It can provide an effective “seal and cover” function to prevent food and drinks from spilling and maintain their temperature and taste. 📐 Variety: Pulp LIDS are available in different “shapes and sizes” to suit different types of containers and packaging needs. 🌠 It is a more sustainable and safe packaging solution.

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